F U Z Z Y  W A L L


O F  T E A M

William Feuerman, Endriana Audisho, Adam Hoh

C O L L A B O R A T O R S 

Fabrication and installation by KINK-fab.com


Sydney, NSW



A recent project required a semi-permanent solution to create privacy for a mezzanine, open to the main living room with windows out to a communal and bustling public space within an apartment complex. The space was essentially a fishbowl, not ideal for the secluded bedroom required. A system was devised to separate public and private spaces while still allowing background city views and generous light to filter through the room. Fuzzy Wall, a modular panel system, was designed to hang from the ceiling and be easily removed and reinstalled from this rented apartment in the future.

Fuzzy Wall defines spaces but further expands the limits of its use as it becomes an interactive surface. Visual interference, produced by the overlapping of different geometries, allows light to penetrate through, further transforming the perceptual effects of this boundary. The panel moves and morphs as one passes by, creating visual flux and imbalances.

Constructed from two sheets of Perspex, each panel was laser-etched with differing repetitive line work, painted and bolted together with a minimal gap. Independently each panel’s graphic consists of a simple set of lines but when overlaid, the combination becomes a generator of new patterns creating moirés, distortions, reflections and shadows within the situated space.

The flexibility of Fuzzy Wall allows it to be customised for myriad uses, from residential to commercial and retail projects. The size, pattern and density can cater to the environment with which they are situated, accommodating both maximal and minimal visibility, light and interaction.