O F  T E A M 

William Feuerman, Endriana Audisho, Gonzalo Valiente, Alvaro Eguilaz

 L O C A T I O N

Branch 3D, Sydney, NSW




Fuzzy Window is a modular panel system designed in response to the need for the separation of public and private space. A series of panels, inserted into the window voids of a house transform the building’s façades, obstructing internal views out and external views in. Whilst creating privacy, it also serves as a filter to block out the blaring sunlight and increasing warmth penetrating from the sun.

Constructed from a series of layered Perspex frames, each panel’s graphic consists of a simple set of lines but when overlaid, the combination becomes a generator of new patterns creating moirés, distortions, reflections and shadows within the situated space.

The constructed moiré pattern composes a high level of interference, blurring the boundary between the street and house, operating as an interactive surface. Although static, the modular panel moves and morphs as one passes by, creating visual flux and imbalances.