G U G G E N H E I M   U T O P I A


O F  T E A M

William Feuerman

T Y P E 



Governor’s Island, New York



Architecture has created a brand identity for the Guggenheim, from Frank Lloyd Wright's spiraling atrium in New York to Frank Gehry's sculptural freeform in Bilbao. A list of brand name "starchitects" and their buildings have joined to create a unique identity for the Guggenheim institution.

Guggenheim Utopia attempts to capitalise on the brand identity of the Guggenheim Institution. At the Guggenheim New York, the ramp/atrium plays the role of icon; in Bilbao it is the atrium; but at Guggenheim Utopia each building element will have its "fifteen minutes of fame." The micro building transforms the typology of the generic, as the typical elements of a museum (the atrium, stair, ramp, elevators and escalators) are turned upside down. For example, the atrium transforms from a public, vertical void that opens to light at the top, to a non-directional, light-controlling environment. The ramp, stair, elevator, escalator, and atrium become part of the exhibition space and are filled with art at all times. Guggenheim Utopia aims to be a building that is all commercials, all the time.